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Verseo Permanent Hair Removal Conductive Patches (Large Body Patch)

Verseo Permanent Hair Removal Conductive Patches (Large Body Patch)

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  • PACKAGE CONTENTS: multi pack: 4 large body pads and 2 round pads. Each pad can be used for up to 8 treatments. These replacement electrode pads are perfect for targeting legs, arms, back, stomach, or other large areas of the body with unwanted hair. (For use with all Verseo Electrolysis Systems: ePen, eSmooth, or eGlide).
  • VERSEO ELECTROLYSIS SYSTEMS: Patented European technology that uses nano technology for a long-lasting pain free experience. It requires no needle or painful epilator, but instead relies on efficient galvanic electrodes to destroy hair at the roots and prevent regrowth or other ingrown hair.
  • BENEFITS: this cordless power beauty device leaves skin smooth like silk after just one treatment. These personal pads are large enough for any area - can be used on intimate, private, and sensitive areas such as armpit or underarm or the bikini line, all in the privacy of your own home. After cleaning, use on dry skin for best results.
  • MAKES ALL OTHERS OBSOLETE: forget about waxing, tweezers, razors, trimmers or other old fashioned grooming tools. The Verseo system is the ultimate hair removal system of choice for men and women everywhere!
  • WHY CHOOSE US: if you are not satisfied with your purchase return it for a hassle-free refund.

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