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Mosquito Repellent

  • 100% non-toxic formula
  • No chemicals, no deet
  • All natural lavender with other organic ingredients
  • Each tub repels mosquitoes & flies in a 200 square ft. Area for 4-6 weeks
  • Use indoors, in screened-in porches, garages and anywhere mosquitoes are may get in


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Keep away bothersome mosquitoes without annoying smells with Mosquito-Ex Natural Repellent. This all-natural product is nontoxic and can safely be used around people and pets. The active ingredient is 100% lavender in a solid base. It’s so natural that you can use the residue cake as a lavender bar soap. The 8.8-oz. tub lasts for 4 to 6 weeks and protects up to 200 sq. ft. Keep mosquitoes away without irritating chemical sprays. Made with non-toxic, all-natural lavender, this repellent keeps you free of pesky mosquitoes and flies for four to six weeks! Just remove the lid and it starts working – One tub repels mosquitoes and flies within a 200 sq. ft. area naturally and dependably for over a month. (Lasts even longer if you recap the tub when not in use!) – Use indoors, in screened-in porches, garages and anywhere mosquitoes are may get in – Use outdoors around picnic tables, in boats, in tents while camping and elsewhere – Active ingredient is 100% natural lavender in a gel base – No chemicals, no DEET – Will not harm people, animals or children – So safe you can use the dried gel cake as lavender bar soap – One tub repels mosquitoes and flies in a 200 sq. ft. are for up to 6 weeks

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