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Air-o-back Air Decompression Back Belt Brace Pain Lumbar Support Clinical Grade Traction Decompression Therapy

  • Get relief while sitting, walking, driving, playing sports or traveling.
  • Get relief for your back pain, hip pain and sciatic pain. Helps to relieve tension and stiffness in the lower back, as well as pain related to bulging or herniated discs, degenerative discs, scoliosis, and related leg pain.
  • Decompress Lower Back Joints & Spinal Discs: The Decompression Belt stretches and tractions the lower back as it inflates with air.
  • This gentle traction helps decompress the spinal discs.
  • Decompression helps relieve pressure off pinched nerves, degenerative, herniated, and bulging discs. Relieving the pressure allows degenerative discs to get the water, oxygen, and nutrients it requires for faster healing.


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2-in-1 Decompression Belt comes with an arthritic friendly, easy-to-use hand pump so you can take your belt and pump on the go. The belt expands vertically when inflated to stretch and decompress pressure off of your aching back. Get the effect of an inversion table without hanging upside down. This belt can also be used deflated as a support belt.

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