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The advance in medical science and technology has increased the life expectancy of humans all over the world. Prescription and over-the-counter drugs have taken an enormous leap in terms of efficacy and safety. However, there remains one problem. Many people on medication have been reported to be taking either the wrong medication or the wrong dosage. This can lead to all sorts of health issues, injury or even death.

People need to understand that medications oftentimes have grievous side effects that can cause serious harm to a patient. Couple that with improper dosage and you end up with a serious condition that could have been prevented in the first place with proper knowledge and a bit of common sense.

So without further ado, here are five tips to help you avoid medication side effects and overdose.

1. Check the Label Twice
Incorrect labeling or taking the wrong medication has been one of the chief causes of fatalities for people who are self-medicating. Such an unfortunate event could easily be prevented by checking the label and making sure it is the right medicine.

2. Take the Proper Dosage for Your Age and Weight
Just because it’s an over the counter drug, doesn’t mean you can be negligent about the dosage. The effects of over dosage are even more pronounced for prescription pills and medication. So read the instructions carefully to know the right dosage. Ask your doctor or pharmacist if you are not sure of the proper dosage or administration of your medication.

3. Adverse Side Effects of Multiple Medications
The elderly and the sickly are the two groups of people that need to be extra careful when taking medication. It is not uncommon for them to take multiple medicines. It doesn’t happen all the time, but when it does, multiple medicines can interact in a bad way causing severe injury or even possibly the loss of life.

Always ask your doctor before adding a new over the counter medication to your medicines. This could react adversely with the other prescription drugs you are taking. Also other medications require that you abstain from alcohol or beverages. So take heed of your doctor’s advice regarding that.

4. Drugs that Reduce the Effectiveness of Other Drugs
Many prescription drugs do not have a direct negative impact when mixed with other substances and medicines. However, it has been studied that certain drugs when taken together with another can reduce or nullify the effect of the other, rendering the treatment useless.

Don’t experiment. Always ask your doctor if one type of medication you are taking can be taken together with another.

5. Use a Pill Cutter, Not a Knife
A good quality pill cutter can beat the sharpest knife anytime. A knife can slip and produce an uneven cut. It can even cause your pill to crumble into powder. That can be really frustrating considering the rising cost of medication.
When you have to split your pills, do it with a proper pill cutter.

For example, the Verseo Universal Pill Cutter is one that has been proven safe and easy to use. It is great for anyone who regularly takes medication, but especially for the elderly and those with arthritic hands and fingers. The other nice thing about this pill cutter is its size. It can easily be packed into a purse or toiletries bag for vacations and business trips.

It works with any pill. The Verseo Pill Perfect Universal Pill Cutter is great for medications, vitamins, supplements and even pet pills. Simply place the pill in the correct chamber, press down, and there you have it – two perfect halves!