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With Veterans Day around the corner we thought it appropriate to lend a hand to those that lend their lives. Verseo.com has teamed up with Operation Homefront to donate twenty ThermoGloves Rechargeable Heated Gloves ($175 value) to Veterans. A little warmth for all those helping hands.

Those who serve and the families that back them have always been an inspiration for us here at Verseo (see 100 Warm Feet Video). I’d venture to say that for most of us, our every day lives are immensely blessed. We take for granted our freedom, civil liberties and peace of mind. Imagine living with the fear of war and death every day. I’d be the first to go Mama Bear on anyone that could hurt my family, but it would be interesting to see what I would do for a complete stranger. That’s what our veterans have done and do for us on a daily basis. They have agreed to protect us – total strangers. That is not only completely selfless, it’s also insanely brave.

So thanks to all who have served. 

Seriously, we are humbled.

And for all your Vets, we’ve compiled a handy online list for Veterans Day Offers for Vets 2014:

Ways to Give:

Operation Homefront

Blue Star Famlies

Operation Gratitude

2014 Veterans Day Offers for Vets:

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