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Just a little reminder to treat every day as a gift.

While we just launched our Verseo Free Gift offer, we wanted to reflect on what is important in life. Some of us have the gift of a lifetime. For Zach Sobiech, his gift came in a smaller package. Struck with cancer at the age of 14, he was left to deal with the reality of a terminal disease. He turned to music and this inspiring song and in turn, gave all of us a true gift. The gift to realize how important it is to be in the present.

Zach has been in The Clouds now for 2 years. But with Mother’s Day around the corner, we felt it would be nice to honor him and his Mom who must have heartfelt pangs each Mother’s Day. 

Mama Sobiech, we are truly humbled by your amazing son. No doubt your motherly guidance was a large part in creating this inspiring young man. Happy Mother’s Day. You should be proud.

Won’t you take a little moment to hear his story, his inspiring song, and cherish your every day? 

Zachary David “Zach” Sobiech (May 3, 1995 – May 20, 2013)

Always Grateful,


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