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It’s Summer!  One of the best things I love about summer is the happy colors that come with it. Everything about summer seems to want to shine. It’s no wonder I have spent some time looking through summer nail art. It’s just another way to add that sunny creativity to your persona. 

But Summer Nail Art isn’t quite pin worthy without a solid foundation. That’s where our Barielle nail products can help. Brittle unkept nails are an unnecessary sing of aging. Taking care of your hands also means your nails. You can have salon quality nails at home with some very affordable products. We have nail camouflage that acts like makeup for your nails, we have a fortifying nail builder that enriches your nail bed and even a FungusRx that salons use to help combat the multitude of nail fungus. All at below-retail prices.

So now that you have your foundation taken care of, check out our Summer Time Nail Art Pinterest board for inspirations and get some sunny fun into your hands.