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Around ten million people in the US have Seasonal Affective
Disorder, a condition that can mimic the symptoms of depression and is
especially prevalent during the colder months, where shorter days and lack of
sunshine are lacking from being continually indoors.

Called SAD or Winter Blues, this winter especially has
probably been pretty tough on those with even milder cases of the condition;
where the bitter cold and snow has just made it difficult to get outside for
most of the country.

Sunshine, it turns out, is good for you. Now, lots of
sunshine can cause skin cancer and wrinkles, but a little bit of sunshine every
day can do some pretty important things to the human body:

  • Vitamin D production. There are increasing
    studies that lack of Vitamin D (the easiest and most bioavailable way to get it
    is through the sun) is the cause or catalyst to a lot of diseases – heart
    disease and diabetes being some of them
  • Better mood by increasing endorphins and serotonin.
    Winter months wreak havoc on moods because of that lack of sunshine that helps
    create endorphins and serotonin.
  • Sleep and sleep schedules. Even when we have
    shorter days and longer nights, the alarm clock still goes off at the same
    time, and we still have all the same responsibilities. Our bodies are designed
    to wake up with the sun and go to sleep when it’s dark. In the winter, that
    rhythm is disrupted because of our modern lifestyle.

One very good thing about the studies and knowledge of SAD
is there are products currently on the market that can help combat the ill
effects of seasonal affective disorder.
These products give you the correct amount of light, and the correct
wavelength of light, just like you were able to get out into the sun… when the
reality is you’re sitting at a desk all day at the office, without a window. Those florescent don’t do a whole lot of good for either your looks or your mood. 

Verseo.com carries a great 
light therapy product for S.A.D. and it’s now on clearance. Whether you use it daily at work or just during the darker seasons, a boost of light therapy can do wonders for your morale and overall well-being.

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