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I walked into a spa twelve years ago for a massage and a

I walked out vowing to never get a massage again.

You see, I was a massage virgin before that day. I was
excited because I received a gift certificate for services that I would never
treat myself to normally. I didn’t think to research the different types of
massage techniques. I didn’t know what questions to ask the therapist
beforehand. I just went in believing that I would leave my appointment relaxed,
renewed and rejuvenated.

Instead, I left feeling like an over-kneaded blob of pizza
dough. I was bruised, sore and confused. Was it normal to be pounded on and stretched
like the crust of a New York style pizza? Or, did my fresh-out-of-school
therapist barely pass her licensing exam? Either way, I decided massages
weren’t for me…until about four years ago.

I worked part-time as a sales rep for a massage chain (legal
massage establishment, not happy-ending massage establishment) to make a little
money. It was a relatively simple job, and the hours were ideal. Plus,
employees could take advantage of discounted session rates. After a few months
of working there, learning about the different types of massage, and routinely
booking recurring appointments for very satisfied customers, I took the Nestea
plunge and booked my own session.

Oh. Mah. Goodness.

It was magical. The knots that had built up in my body over
the years melted away under the experienced hands of the massage therapist. The
environment was relaxing, too. I was covered in warm blankets on a comfortable
massage table in a dimly lit room. I forgot all about my body’s self-imagined
imperfections. I didn’t give a second thought about the dough puncher from
years ago. I closed my eyes and let the stress fall away.

Massages are a wonderful thing. But don’t just take my word
for it. Studies have shown that massages can help alleviate chronic back pain,
migraines, osteoarthritis, anxiety and symptoms and side effects of cancer and
cancer treatment. It’s also believed that massage can contribute to a better
functioning immune system, as well as promote better sleep. All I know is that
massage has changed my life. I now see a massage therapist on a regular basis,
and she is wonderful. She knows my trouble spots and does a great job of
erasing weeks of stress.

I highly recommend regular massages, and suggest that you do
a little homework if you are a “virgin.” Read about the different techniques.
Go check out the place where your session is scheduled beforehand. Ask if you
can keep your clothes on, or get as naked as the day you were born. And make
sure that your therapist is licensed. Why? Because you’ll be able to relax more
knowing that your massage therapist is skilled, knowledgeable and dedicated to
ethical and professional practice.

If you don’t want to commit to a monthly membership with a
massage chain, or pay spa prices, Verseo Beauty & Wellness offers foot
massagers, massage pads, leg massagers and more at affordable prices. Treat
yourself swell. Shop our selection of massage equipment today.