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Seriously, what’s not to love about Red Hair? If my daughter had red hair, she could do anything she wanted to it and I’d be fine. Jealous, but fine. You want purple highlights? Absolutely, it looks awesome… You want to wear stars in your hair? So cool, it’s like you’re a fairy and I’m only your mother. I’d have her shooting bows and arrows too like the little Brave girl. I. LOVE. RED. HAIR.

So we took a bit of time to scan some red-hair style trends for this year and loving what we see. Our favorites? Of course, we’re always a big fain of Ombre Highlights, so when we saw a ton of Red Ombre Highlights out on our Pinterest board, made me think red might be in my brown-haired future… Cute choppy red-hair cuts with just a hint of amazing purple highlights, seriously fun and cute. Cherry Red Hair looked awesome especially for the 20 something age group. And red haired brides, you win. It’s just not fair. You could wear a sheet and you’d look stunning with your red hair in contrast to anything remotely white. 

We also found a fun little How To Be  Redhead blog website specifically for red-haired ladies with a “Red Head of the Week” post. 

And finally, here’s a slide show of celebrities who have all donned red hair at one time or another.

Of course, we’d have to say most red-haired trends out there tended to be for long locks whether it was straight or Brave-like curly. If you’re trying to get your hair into that Red-Ombre Highlight, then check out our popular Hair Plus Shampoo and Conditioner system which grows your hair 128% faster than just waiting for Father Time. You’ll be sporting the trendy new look in no time!

And here is a great tutorial about how to get the perfect ponytail and chignon for red heads thanks to How to Be a Red Head: