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Arthritis is a crippling disease. If it is affecting your hands it can be a terrible ordeal to get anything done on a cold morning. It’s painful to clench, move your fingers or even pick up a pen from the floor. If nothing seems to be helping, try these three proven exercises to ease away the pain of hand arthritis.

1. The Clam

When hand arthritis strikes it can be hard making the simplest of movements such as clenching the fist. So for this exercise, we will mimic the clam. Actually it’s about making a half fist where the hands are not fully clenched but allowing the fingers to stay relatively straight.

Make a half fist for about 10 times for each hand. Do this as a form of warm up, especially on cold winter mornings. Eventually your fingers will become warmed up enough to allow you to do your normal daily tasks.

2. The Pianist

With your hand held up straight in front of you, move your fingers as if playing an imaginary piano. Make each finger gets a chance to move in a purposeful manner to complete your imaginary sonata from start to finish.

3. Wrist Bends

Your wrists can also be affected by arthritis. It’s important to exercise them as well. Bend your wrist downward until you feel a good stretch on the outer side of your arm. Hold this position for about 20 seconds. Next, bend your wrist upward until you feel the stretch on the inner side of your arm. Hold for 20 seconds and repeat for the other hand.

Bonus Tip: What to Do When It Gets Too Cold

An arthritic hand can literally freeze in the cold. That can really be bad for your condition and the pain would be unbearable. The easiest and best way to do is keep your hands warm with a pair of heat retaining gloves. If possible use heated glove liners to maximize your comfort.

The Verseo ThermoGear Rechargeable Heated Glove Liners are designed to keep your hands warm even when the temperature dips below freezing. If you enjoy outdoor sports such as skiing, cycling, sailing, fishing and winter sports then these Rechargeable Heated Glove liners by Verseo are the perfect choice for you.