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By now you’ve seen the pink. Heck, even if all you do is watch football all October, you’ve seen the pink. October and pink is now ubiquitous with Breast Cancer Awareness. Frankly, that’s a good thing. If a marketing campaign has helped raise awareness of the second leading cause of death among women, then it’s a good thing.

You check your fire alarm every daylights saving time right? Fire, though horrific, has killed way less people than Breast Cancer, so yeah, go check your fire alarm, then go check your girls (or man boobs, it happens guys). All of this awareness is working too! Death rates have been declining since about 1990 partly because of early screening, partly because of better treatment and overall because we are all aware it’s a thing.  

I’d like to bring attention too for the women who are already suffering from breast cancer or have had to undergo a mastectomy

True story, one of our family friends, a beautiful young 20-something was recently engaged. Six months before her wedding, she was feeling a lump, had it checked on a hunch and had to undergo a mastectomy a month before her wedding. The hardest part for this beautiful young lady, was feeling crushed about not looking her absolute best in the dress of her dreams. Luckily, the tailor took heart and did an amazing job making her and her dress look beautiful and complete. 

A mastectomy carries with it so much weight. Feelings of inadequacy, self-confidence issues and a general slap in the face that life is not really going as planned. That shouldn’t be. Anyone that has already had to endure the news that they will be undergoing a mastectomy in the first place, is a soldier of life and should be treated with honors. 

We salute those who have suffered and those who have had to endure. We admire your abilities to get through life with a greater sense of self than most of us ever experience. We offer our true respects.

Verseo has a history of offering Breastforms to mastectomy patients during the month of October. These are great little silicone waterproof breastforms that feel quite natural. They do a great job of giving a little oomph to your look. If you have had a mastectomy, an oomph is a pretty good feeling.

If you or someone you know someone who has had to get a mastectomy this year, please contact us with their story at cs@verseo.com or via our contact us page (Sorry but can only offer in the US). We will send them a free box for the month of October while supplies last.

For anyone else interested in Verseo Breastforms, during the month of October we offer Buy One Get One Free promotion.

Finally, here’s a cute little video reminding all of us to always choose our health first.