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Yup, siting is killing you. Studies show you sitting 6+ hours per day makes you up to
40% likelier to die within 15 years than someone who sits less than 3. Even if you exercise. 

Just last week this article from Quartz titled it’s report 
“Why not even exercise will undo the harm of sitting all day – and what you can do about it”. And Time magazine earlier this year penned an article listing new reasons while sitting will kill you.

Well thank you Mr. State-What-I-Already-Know do you have any lighter news for me and hurry it up because I may have a short time on Earth. But seriously, these articles are doomy-gloomy and not helpful if your job is to well, sit 6+ hours a day which I’m willing to bet MOST of us are. The point is, be mindful of this. 

If you are a weekend warrior (I’m looking at you husband-o-mine) working 70+ hour weeks who thinks 100 mile bike ride on the weekends will save you, it’s not helping. Or at least not as much as you think. You have to do something DAILY. Your body is not a needy fellow. It just asks you to help get its juices flowing a wee bit each day. So get up and take breaks. No really, go take a break…. Now that your back, another really cool idea is right here on this site. Verseo has a pretty nice solution for desk killing.

A DESK BIKE. We’re not talking loud clunky machines that would make your co-workers more than roll their eyes at you if you bring in THE BEAST. Our 
Verseo Freedom Cycle is compact, quiet, motorized enough so you’re not having to strain all day long but still requires some effort and specifically built so you get moving just a wee bit each day. You have to stay at your desk right? Bring Betty our Freedom Bike along, sit her under the desk and don’t die young. Simple.

And I see right now it’s $20 OFF. Not sure for how long. It was $129.95 now $109.95. Chump change for not dying. Shop for 
Verseo Freedom Cycle.