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Now we all know that all moms rock. But there are SOME moms, that actually, well ROCK! Imagine how exhausting that must be? I can barely move after a full mom-day, much less rock. The extent of my rock-ability is maybe doing a little dance party before bedtime with Kidbop tunes in the background. My rock days are few. No wonder it was so hard to find actual moms that are on the Billboard’s Top 100. Go ahead, I challenge to you find a rocking mom that’s even in the top 50. You looked didn’t you. Just Beyonce am I right? People IT’S HARD TO ROCK AND BE A MOM!

So my true respects to these rock-n-roll moms. I also found it interesting that especially the mother’s of Rock like Joni Mitchell, Joan Jett, and Nancy Wilson from legendary Heart group had some hardships in their quest for motherhood. For example, did you know that Joni Mitchell gave up her daughter for adoption in 1965 only to be re-united with her 32 years later? Some of her songs allude to the pain that caused. Imagine trying to be a rock-n-roll legend when at the time that was basically appalling and navigate the intensity of mothering? Life is super complicated, do not judge Joni one ounce please. Did you also know that Nancy Wilson after years of failed fertility treatments did end up having twin daugthers with now divorced husband/director Cameron Crowe? Yeah, me neither.  And I can’t get a straight story out of Joan. But she still rocks.

Do you have a favorite Rock Mom? Oooh, do share…

This Mother’s Day, 
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Living up to our tradition, we have a Pinterest Board featuring Rock N Roll moms. Kind of fun to see them lugging car seats when you picture them throwing down on the guitar most of the time. Love real life don’t you?

And finally, leaving you with quirky wanna-be-a-rock-mom 
mylifesuckers with her Let It Go – Mom Parody Fun.ny. #MOMROCKS

PS Yes, that’s Alicia Keys with her little guy in the corner. Don’t you just want to eat him up!? Cutie!

Always Grateful (ESPECIALLY to my mom..),