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I visited the Presidio (San Francisco’s National Veterans’ Cemetery) yesterday with my family. Our great-grandfather is buried there. Beautiful day. Every tomb had a little flag gingerly fluttering in front of it. It’s a beautiful place with peeks of the Golden Gate and views of Alcatraz. But what is most awe inspiring is looking through the vast valley of white tombstones realizing all of those people were willing to die for their country. Breath taking really. And while I certainly don’t condemn the desire to celebrate the start of summer and think you should celebrate with picnics and beach going, this is just asking for everyone to take a moment to understand what today is. At 12:01, pay your respects and then continue with celebrating your families. We all have family or friends that have served. This is simply a tribute to them.

Thank you to all who served. Thank you to all the families that sacrifice.

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