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Verseo eSmooth Hair Removal Epilation Roller Pen

4.25 out of 5 based on 4 customer ratings
(4 customer reviews )
  • Permanent hair removal in the privacy of your own home and without the expensive salon costs
  • The E-smooth pen works by passing a direct current through the hair to the base of the follicle
  • The process is painless. System is easy to use.
  • For use on eyebrows, face, upper lip, underarms, legs, bikini line and other areas
  • Safe for all skintypes
  • Includes small and large rollerball tips for easier coverage
  • Superbright blue LEDs indicate progress
  • Includes 75 mL pre-cleanser gel, 75 mL conductive gel, 2 roller tips, 6 body patches.
  • 2 “AA” batteries, tweezers and storage bag. Approx. 8.5″x 1.5″ diameter.
  • Replacement Gel and Pads can be purchased here on Verseo.com

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A CONVENIENT AND FAST HAIR REMOVAL TOOL Permanent Hair Removal by Electrolysis Do you frequently have to visit the salon for an embarrassing hair removal session? Are you looking for a more permanent solution for hair removal? Our Verseo’s eSmooth hair removal roller pen is the perfect tool for the job. Designed to help you easily and effectively remove unwanted and embarrassing hair through a simple process called electrolysis, the only method of hair removal that is currently FDA approved. The process is fast and painless and will save you time and money eliminating those annoying trips to the salon. Quality You Can Trust At Verseo, we value customer satisfaction and take it very seriously. We strive to ensure all our customers are completely happy and will not rest until you are. This is why we always ensure all our products are made from the best quality and will deliver on our promise. When you buy our electrolysis hair removal eSmooth roller pen, what you are buying is a product that will not fail you. Here are reasons you should get this body hair removal kit: – Fast, easy, and painless hair removal option – Saves you time and money – Only form of hair removal that is FDA approved – You get everything in the package Enjoy convenient hair removal in the comfort of your home with this home electrolysis hair removal kit. It is a purchase worth making. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now!

Note: The Verseo eSmooth unit includes six reusable conductive gel pads that connect to the wand to treat larger areas on the face, body, and legs. — good for a total of 48 hair removal treatments. Replacement face and body patches as well as additional conductive gels for the Verseo eSmooth can be purchased here on Verseo.com.

What is included in Verseo eSmooth kit?

  • eSmooth Wand
  • 3 Rectangle Large Patches
  • 1 Banana Patch
  • 2 Round Patches
  • 75 ml Pre-cleansing Gel
  • 75 ml Conductive Gel
  • 2 interchangeable roller tips
  • 2 AA Batteries
  • Tweezers
  • Soft Storage Pouch

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 3 x 8.8 x 6.8 in
Based on 4 Comments
  1. 5 out of 5

    I am a retires Esthetician. Many years ago I bought a very expensive hair machine to use on my clients. It used galvanic current and a tweezer that you used to treat 1 hair at a time. When I retired I gave away the machine to a client I had been treating. It worked very well. It did take longer on hairs that were growing to a hormonal imbalance. I was skeptical when I saw this product. Mine was a big machine and this was small and worked on just 2 AAA batteries. I decided with all the advances in technology I would give it a try. I must say I am really pleased with it. I used the roller over my lip on an area that had some really difficult hairs to remove with a tweezer. They were deep rooted which made me doubt if it would work. I treated the are twice and then then again the next morning. To my surprise when I used the tweezer gently, the hairs just slide out. I was able to remove all the ones in that area easily. The next day I decided to try the pad. Oh,by the way it felt when I used the device was exactly like my machine felt like. I used the pad as directed and did it 3 times. I then used the tweezer (if it had been hard to remove the hair I would have left it for more treatments) and the hairs just slipped out and the root ball was attached to the hair. That meant the machine did what it was supposed to do. The ball was liquefied. I am really thrilled I found this system. It works and I should know as my machine back 27 years ago cost $3000 and did the same thing this is doing. Love it.

  2. 2 out of 5

    It’s an okay product. Not great, but not bad either. Middle of the road. I’m pleased based on what I paid for it, but I’m pretty sure there are better products out there that do the same thing a bit more efficiently.

  3. 5 out of 5

    This item reminds me of radio frequency treatments I used to receive except I used to pay $70. a treatment; it was based on the same principal as this except I would have to wait until the hair grew back before going for another treatment. They could keep me going forever, I was a paying customer. I am already seeing the hair weakening and I am following the instructions given. My hair is fair so laser is not an option. My suggestion for people buying this product is simple. Be patient and it will work. I am not being paid by this company nor receiving special favors. I am a happy customer who was tired of tweezing.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Removing hair from my face has always been painful and messy. The roller ball makes it easier to do, especially where my hands are not as steady as they used to be. Great product!

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