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Verseo ePen Electrolysis SystemVerseo ePen Electrolysis System
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Verseo ePen Electrolysis System

(21 customer reviews)

Verseo ePen Permanent Hair Removal from Home Features:

  • Needle-free electrolysis pen removes unwanted hair permanently.
  • Easy and comfortable to use; automatic timer/buzzer.
  • Self-adhesive pads for multiple treatments.
  • Also includes pad leads, cotton buds, conductive gel, tweezers.
  • Extra ePen face and body patches and conductive gel can be purchased on Verseo.com
  • Compare to Tria Beauty and see affordable results.


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ePen’s hair removal kit eliminates the need for costly wax treatments as this system removes unwanted hair permanently, and in the privacy of your own home. The pen-shaped removal wand works on the face, underarm, bikini line, or anywhere you have unwanted hair, and works without the use of painful needles. Instead, the ePen uses small pulses of electrical energy to get right to the hair follicle, and destroy the root so you can tweeze or wipe hairs away. First you must apply the conductive pads or the conductive gel to the area with a cotton tip, and then put a cotton bud on the end of the ePen. Put the ePen to the hair removal area and press the button. The green light goes on when you’ve made good contact with the conductive gel, and a buzzer goes off after 20 seconds to notify you that the treatment is finished. The ePen does require a few uses to ensure that you’ve removed all hairs within a growth cycle. The kit comes with the ePen wand, one conductive gel, a set of three reusable conductive pads, a pad lead, cotton buds, and tweezers packed in a handy folding pouch. This electrolysis pen is guaranteed for one year after purchase.

The only way to remove hair permanently is kill the “germative” cells and dermal papilla which form the growth center at the base of the hair follicle. The Verseo ePen works by passing a direct current through the hair to the base of the follicle, where salt water can be found. An electrolytic action takes place that changes the salt water to Sodium Hydroxide also known as lye. This process damages the root of the hair every time a treatment is repeated resulting in the cells being unable to grow more hair.The Verseo ePen uses the same technology used by professionals in salons and spas. The ePen will treat one hair at a time or will treat larger areas by using the included adhesive pads. Using sophisticated galvanic technology, the ePen transmits special current to the root of the hair and prevents the hair from ever growing back. The Verseo ePen is a great choice for painless and permanent hair removal. Permanent results can be achieved in just one treatment.

After using the Verseo ePen only a couple of weeks, you will start to see noticeable results without the pain of electrolysis or the cost of waxing. The Verseo ePen Permanent Hair Removal System is perfect for those wanting to get rid of unwanted facial hair, hair around the bikini line, or even hair under the arm. Get rid of that embarrasing facial hair once and for all!

Note: The Verseo ePen unit is shipped with 6 ePen Replacement Conductive Pads — good for a total of 48 hair removal treatments. Replacement face and body patches as well as additional conductive gels for the Verseo ePen can be purchased here.

What is included in Verseo ePen kit?

  • ePen Unit
  • 2Rectangle Patches
  • 1 Banana Patch
  • 2 Round Patches
  • 1 Lead for patches with 3 pad connectors
  • ePen Conductive Gel
  • 6 Cotton Swabs
  • 2 AA Batteries
  • Tweezers
  • Soft Storage Pouch

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 8 × 10 in

21 reviews for Verseo ePen Electrolysis System

  1. Ann Marie

    Bought my unit on HSN and worked on stray hair I have. Has not come back for 3 months now. (Manual Entry From Previous System. Original Post Date: 2008)

  2. Sherri

    I have read some bad reviews of this product,but I think those people never experienced a real electrolysis treatment. My experience was great!! The hairs slipped out relatively easily on my first treatment,so I know it worked and it was easier,less time consuming and less painful than any other treatment I have tried. I am expecting great results in a few months. So glad I bought this unit! (Manual Entry From Previous System. Original Post Date: 07-31-2009)

  3. Joan

    I’ve had hormonal issues since my teens; professional electrolysis resulted in scarring. I tried the Verseo ePen and in spite of being a chronic pain patient,I have found it to be not only effective,but easily tolerable. Thank you for helping me find a near-painless answer to hair removal at the age of 64. (Manual Entry From Previous System. Original Post Date: 08-03-2009)

  4. Nicole

    I used this on my bikini line the year before and forgot all about it. I now have hardly any hair growing back at all and I know it’s because of that. My sister and I are now using it on our underarms and I know I’m very close to a hair free bikini line. Yay! Because I live at the beach. My tip: Use the Pads and then wax – much quicker than plucking. It’s amazing because I’d was anyway but this way I only do it a few times one one area and then never seem to need it again! (Manual Entry From Previous System. Original Post Date: 02-05-2010)

  5. Kendra

    I’ve only got the chance to use my verseo once so far & it was about 4 days ago & the hairs were falling out immediately after treatment! I used tweezers to pluck the rest out and I could not even feel it! They slipped right out. And this was only my 1st treatment! I am posting how each treatment & results turn out on my blog. Anyways, the treatment was about 4 days ago and I still have NO hair there! I was amazed really. LOL, I love it so far. It is 100 percent painless and every other hair remover like this is very paiful! I barely felt a tingle and wouldn’t have even felt the tingle had I not been paying close attention. The tweezers however, are awful! You can not even squeeze them together they are too tight or something you have to use so much pressure to tweeze & then you end up plucking your skin instead. I love that the product really does the work for you. It is hands free (unlike others) and you can do as you wish while it does the work. (Manual Entry From Previous System. Original Post Date: 01-04-2011)

  6. Loreley B.

    I’m a M-F transsexual, so some form of permanent hair removal was required to get rid of unwated facial hair. The Verseo ePen was an affordable alternative to traditional electrolysis and laser hair removal treatments. And I can use it in the privacy of my own home. I’ve been using the ePen on my upper lip area for a few months now and I’ve definitely noticed a lessening of the hair growth. It is pain-free, all you might feel is a slight tingling sensation. Most of the time I don’t even feel that though. I would defnitely recommend this product to all transgender women, or anyone who just wants to get rid of unwanted hair permanently and affordably. (Manual Entry From Previous System. Original Post Date: 01-18-2011)

  7. John Rodriguez

    I Have An E-pen Now And Love The Way It Works. Thank You. (Manual Entry From Previous System. Original Post Date: 09-03-2011)

  8. Roza Hadfield

    I just recently purchased the ePen Kit. I have used it 6 times on my lip and chin area. I already can see and feel the difference in that area. I truly feel I found the product I had been looking for. The only regret is I wish I had found it sooner. Thanks for Reading. (Manual Entry From Previous System. Original Post Date: 03-21-2012)

  9. Lali

    I ordered and received my epen about two months ago; at first, I was somewhat skeptical, I used it once and put it back in its box. Two weeks later, I noticed that my upper lip hair was almost non-existent, then I checked, what I refer to as my female sideburns, no hair there, my chin lashes–what chin lashes. I told my niece, I don’t know how it happened but I hardly have any facial hair. A week later, I remembered that I had used my epen and thought, hmm, it does work. I’m a 57 year old with numerous allergies, I stopped using hot wax last year, because my skin would get so red and irritated and stay that way for days on end. Last night, I decided to use it again and it was easier to use this time around, but once again, no complaints. I, as well, can say, in reference to the negative reviews, it takes patience and understanding the process to get good results. I definitely recommend it. As a matter of fact, when I searched for this website, it was to look up the price for the replacement pads and conductive gel, after reading some of the reviews, I decided to write my review.

  10. e mccarvel

    This product works wonderfully. took a bit of time, but kept up with the 4-5 times a week per area and its been about 6 weeks now. less hair is visible.

  11. OzzyBat_75

    If you’re a patient person, this is the hair-removal tool for you. While it takes a bit of time, there are some amazing results to be had. There’s no pain and it’s easy to use, so I was mostly happy with this great product.

  12. AnnaBell O

    So not only is the product itself, but the customer service for the Verseo ePen electrolysis system really impressed me. The instructions and clear and easy to follow, as is the pen itself. There’s virtually no pain, too. This is a simple to use hair removal tool that anyone can use. Recommended!

  13. Fastball_1981

    My thoughts on the Verseo ePen are best represented in a Good News/Bad News scenario. First, the Good News: It really works. It’s affordable. It’s mostly painless. And now the Bad News: I said its MOSTLY painless…until you get to the stray inactive hair. Also, it takes some time and requires manual plucking on occasion. So all in all, a decent product but I guess it could be better. I’d recommend it, but with reservations.

  14. RedWineRuby

    After using the Verseo ePen for a little over two months, I’m finding less and less stubborn hairs! From what I can tell, the patches are good for around 7-8 uses…but the more you use them, the longer it takes to get results. Still, all in all, I’m very pleased with the results so far!

  15. Anonymous

    It seemed to take forever for me to get results. I almost gave up on it. But I stuck with it and now the results are very clear to see. Now let’s just see if the hair stays away. It boils down to this: if you have patience and really want those hairs gone, this seems to be a legit product.

  16. SoCalGal001

    The only complaint I have with the ePen is that it really should have come with more pads. But I can’t complain too much…the results are there and it’s super easy to use. Plus, compared to the prices of similar products, this is a steal!

  17. Veronica

    The Verseo ePen Hair Removal is one of the best I have tried. I’ve had many of these types of products, but none of them do exactly as intended. I use this mostly to shape my eyebrows, but it works flawlessly! There is no pain at all, and the hair doesn’t grow back right away, either. I am pleased with this one, and would definitely recommend it.

  18. Anonymous

    Best Home Electrolysis system for the price. A little difficult to use at first, but I think it is worth the effort.

  19. Linda

    Although I have only used it for one week I am pleased so far. I am using it for the chin and upper lip,I like the pads the best. You just plug in and sit back and let it do the job. I am patiently waiting for the results to show.

  20. OJ- goldyoldy

    Received my epen a few days ago, called for specific instructions and so far just love it. No visible results yet but I am hopeful , so are my CHIN HAIRS!!

  21. Anonymous

    This works better than I thought it would.
    I’ve tried just about every method of hair removal.
    This works fairly well and no pain!

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