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Verseo eGlide Hair Removal Roller

(16 customer reviews)

Verseo eGlide Permanent Hair Removal Roller Features:

  • Uses proven galvanic electrolysis hair removal technology.
  • Has Face roller mode and Body roller modes.
  • Safe and painless unlike professional electrolysis.
  • No more high cost of frequent visits to the clinic or spa or endless waxing and shaving.
  • Built-in Timer.
  • LED Indicator.
  • Includes Conductive Gel (must be used, additional Gels may be purchased on Verseo.com.)
  • Also includes Tweezers, Carry-on Pouch, and Two AAA batteries.Safe and painless


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Verseo revolutionizes at-home hair removal once again with the advent of eGlide. The world’s first roller electrolysis at-home hair removal system. The home electrolysis roller painlessly eradicates 4″-wide areas of unwanted hair, resulting in permanently smooth, stubble-free skin.

Clinical tests proved this technology permanently removed hair without the pain or scarring associated with needle electrolysis. The roller emits safe electrical energy that reacts with the included conductive gel to destroy the derma papilla–the foundation of hair growth–at the base of the follicle.

The eGlide removes unwanted hair at home safely and painlessly. The Verseo eGlide uses the same technology used by professionals in salons and spas. Using sophisticated galvanic technology, the eGlide transmits special current to the root of the hair and prevents the hair from ever growing back. The Verseo eGlide is a great choice for painless and permanent hair removal. Just glide over problematic hair areas, whether on the body or the face to remove unwanted hair. No need for pads. Repeated treatment cycles will eventually stop hair from growing back all together. Say goodbye to unwanted hair the easy way.

No more inconvenient appointments. No more endless waxing and shaving. Wake up to silky-smooth skin every day and wear what you like, when you like. With the Verseo’s eGlide Roller Electrolysis System, it’s all about privacy and being hair-free on your own terms, in your own home. You set the schedule and let the eGlide do the rest!

Ideal for larger areas along the arms, underarms, bikini line, and legs, the electrolysis glider is about the size of an electric razor and just as easy to maneuver. The device’s facial hair mode consists of three 20-second cycles and the body hair mode consists of two 5-minute cycles. Includes two AAA batteries, tweezers, 3 oz. of conductive gel, and travel case.

Please Note: Verseo eGlide may NOT be shipped to Australia at this time.

INTERNATIONAL USERS: 120V Adaptor included. Please use with your country’s appropriate adaptor.


Compare Verseo eGlide Hair Remover to Tria Beauty

Compare Verseo’s eGlide Hair Removal Roller with Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X


Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X Verseo eGlide Permanent Hair Removal Roller
Type of technology Laser Proven Galvanic electrolysis
Time needed to see results About three months About six weeks
Ease of use Weighs 4 lbs. Laser pulses are loud.
Because of technology, battery life is very short.
Weighs 1 lb, ergonomic shape like a razor.
Long battery life. Quiet.
Pain Laser can irritate the skin, slight burning feeling.
Laser cauterizes each hair follicle.
No laser, so no irritation. Slight pain
when plucking or waxing treated hair.
Hair type Only works on fine dark body hair.
If used on coarser hair, such as facial hair, may burn.
All hair types and colors.
Galvanic current is independent of skin or hair color.
Can be used on facial hair and bikini line.
Used by multiple users Tria requires you to register the product
before your first use. There is a sensor on the bottom
of the unit and you have to “scan” your skin
before each use
(it is customized to your skin tone and hair color
so no one else will be able to use the 4X).
eGlide is independent of user.
May be used by anyone.
Simply wipe clean between uses.
Cost Starts at $449 Starts at $89



Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 7 × 9 in
Are batteries included in the eGlide Kit?

Can you use it without the gel?

Can I purchase the gel separately?

What if I'm not satisfied with my results?

How many times do I need to use the eGlide before I see definitive results?

Is the eGlide painful?

What is included in kit?

Can we shave? Do we have to tweeze or wax?

16 reviews for Verseo eGlide Hair Removal Roller

  1. D. Thorne

    I received my Verseo eGlide Hair Removal Roller about two weeks ago. I’ve used it twice on really annoying hair that I keep getting on and around my chin. I can’t believe the difference. I’m not constantly plucking and shaving morning and evening. There are only five very thin hairs remaining after only two uses. That’s down from the 40 or so I was used to plucking in the morning and then shaving in the evenings. Yes, I did count the hairs I plucked. They were just that annoying to me. I have had laser hair removal in 2008 at a very reputable, costly professional establishment. I paid over $5,000. I did a year’s worth of treatment and it did absolutely nothing. I also ordered the Tria Laser for at home use before the Verseo eGlide. I used it one time, but I quickly remembered what I did not like about laser hair removal…the PAIN. I sent it back and am still awaiting my refund. I do have to say that if you use the face roller mode as instructed, the eGlide keeps cutting off before completing a cycle. So I just use the body roller mode on my face as well. That solved the problem. Just let me add that I do not feel any discomfort whatsoever when using this product. It is totally pain free. I know it’s working because your skin feels tingly and after the tratment my face is usually red for about an hour. Of course, that may be because I’m using the body roller mode on my face. It’s not anything that would deter me from using the product. I thank God for this product and will continue to use it on my face and try it on other parts of my body as well. Thanks for this lifesaver…that’s a bit dramatic, but I just firmly believe that women should not have hair on their chins. I certainly don’t want them on mine. (Manual Entry From Previous System. Original Post Date: 01-11-2011)

  2. Noreen J.

    THE PRODUCT I PURCHASED (E-GLIDE) IS WONDERFUL. IT WORKS!!!! (Manual Entry From Previous System. Original Post Date: 02-10-2011)

  3. Susan C.

    This product was easy to order. I also received free shipping and the total price from the website was the best price I could find. The item arrived in a little over a weeks time. The product had very good packaging. I have used this device four times now, several times on my face and once on my leg. I have numerous dark, coarse hairs on my face that have caused a lot of trouble for me for over 15 years. They cause pimples, bleeding and bumps. I am hoping that this product works to eliminate these problematic hair follicles. So far my skin is smoother and some hairs have pulled out or fallen off more easily…so all in all it looks promising that this will be a solution for me. Check back with me in several more months and I’ll provide a follow-up update.

  4. Amanda

    I’ve been using the eGlide since October 2010… This is now my second machine. BOTH machines seem to to sting my fingers for some reason. COnsidering that I’ve bee using it for about 10 months, I’m not happy. I don’t understand how people think they KNOW it works after 2 weeks! You haven’t even been through one hair cycle to tell if it is working. You are pulling the hairs out. Of course you don’t see the hairs anymore. Considering I’ve been using it for such a long time and it has thinned slightly to ap oint that if I wasn’t aware how thick it used to be, I wouldn’t know it was different. Ugg, I don’t want to give up because it does have a slight difference and it’s cheap compared to other machines…. But I’m definitely not happy with it. (Manual Entry From Previous System. Original Post Date: 08-04-2011)

  5. Dafers

    It’s slow; takes a long time to get rid of hair – but it works. It’s too small a unit for a large area, thought that’s what it’s intended for, but it’s perfect for an area like upper lip, chin (not eyebrows) and other smaller zones. What’s great is that, unlike laser which is expensive but better for large areas, you don’t have to wait more than 2-3 days to use it again so you never have to live with ‘sprouts’ that may get noticed. I do find the unit challenging in that maintaining exactly the right amount of contact is difficult. But I broke my unit and am about to order another so maybe it was the one I had..(Manual Entry From Previous System. Original Post Date: 07-04-2011)

  6. CB

    Finally a product that does what it says it will. I have a drawer full of gadgets and waxes. Every time I saw a product that said it would work to remove facial hair I bought it. Verseo is the least expensive product I have purchased and have gotten the best results. I carefully studied the directions and started on my mission to rid my face of hair. I have only been using this for three weeks ( 5 days / week) and I have already seen remarkable results. There is definely a reduction in hair. I do one section at a time and focus on careful tweezing to remove the hairs. It is very time consuming. The gliding is the least of the time I spend. The tweezing is the time consuming part. I did not like the tweezers that came in the set. I found it too difficult to use. I use my own Tweezerman. I also found that if I roll a section and then roll another section giving the first a chance to do its thing and then went back and did the tweezing, it was easier to remove the hairs. Keeping the tweezer clean while tweezing helps too. I have never had a problem with burns on my fingers as others have said. I just keep my fingers damp. I have only used the face setting on my face. I will never part with my Verseo. I forsee my problem finally being solved. Love it. (Manual Entry From Previous System. Original Post Date: 07-09-2012)

  7. Angela

    I recently tried the NO NO! Verseo is by leaps and bounds, BETTER! and it is a LOT easier on the pocketbook. The results are great! I am 77 and have fought a mustache and goatee of stiff bristly hairs that I NEVER shaved…they were just coarse hair. I am down to just a few stiff ones now…and I have to admit that I am not as constant as I should be on using my Verseo roller. Just wanted you to know that I fully approve, and will continue to be a customer! (Manual Entry From Previous System. Original Post Date: 01-15-2013)

  8. Sam

    I’ve been using this product for over a year and have seen some results. The hair on m ychin is thinner as is my bikini line. Even though I used it very regularly for a whole hair cycle I didn’t see as much difference as I would have liked. I don’t know if the hair will ever go away but I don’t want to give up because it’s cheap. (Manual Entry From Previous System. Original Post Date: 05-01-2012)

  9. SUSAN

    I’ve been using Elecrology Method for facial hair for over 20 years! Should own stock.

    Then Electrologist retired with little options in are to continue. Didn’t want to chance the NoNo – Too many bad reviews. Then I read this and I can now say after about 3 months I have been able to manage my hair removal much better than I had hoped. This actually seems to be better because I’m not getting pocked in the skin anymore. I’m smooth! The bumps are starting to smoothen out. I use the Leg Setting and I have NO discomfort at all. Like I said, I’ve had needle pinned in me every week for over 20 years. Wish I had known about this sooner. Thank You (Manual Entry From Previous System. Original Post Date: 08-17-2013)

  10. Anonymous

    I found that the eGlide was really easy to use, but I didn’t see results until maybe 4 months into the treatment. I have gone for laser hair removal before and I can tell you that it is much quicker

  11. A. Kresevich “AK”

    Purchased this item over a year ago. Decided to try it on a specific area (face). Diligently worked that patch for 2-3 months, whenever there was new hair growth (since you’re supposed to tweeze all the hair after treatment). Then I lost motivation and stopped.
    It wasn’t until later in the year during normal grooming that I noticed that I was getting maybe 1 hair a month in that area. I worked it again and after about a month, no more hair growth in that area at all.

    It takes a long, long time, but keep at it. I think it’s just great I never have to worry about having that embarrassing facial hair again!

  12. Pburg_Franny

    If you’re hoping to get rid of hairs on larger areas, you might want to look elsewhere. On the other hand, if you’re looking to clean up smaller areas light eyebrows and the upper lip, then you aren’t going to find anything better. I use my eGlide for the upper lip area and am impressed with the results. It’s tricky to get the hang of it at first but after a few uses, it’s a cinch!

  13. SexyAmber4

    Okay, so the eGlide DOES deliver results…it just takes a while. Like…a LONG while. I used mine to get rid of some unsightly facial hair and after using it for 6 weeks and seeing no results, I got upset. Still, I continued to use it because I had seen others make similar comments about the product. Now, almost four months later, I am seeing some very impressive results…results that have convinced me to stick with it. In other words…if you want that hair gone RIGHT NOW, then this is not the product for you. But if you’re looking for clean efficient results and have some time to spare, I’d check out eGlide as soon as you can! It might not be the easiest to use and it doesn’t deliver lightning fast results, but it certainly does what it’s supposed to!

  14. MargaretL004

    I got my eGlide as a gift and honestly ended up pushing it to the back of my bathroom closet. But then I kept seeing reviews that spoke highly of it, so I pulled it back out and started using it. 6 weeks in and I am seeing a few results but nothing spectacular. Still, it’s easy to use and I think I’ll stick with it for a few more weeks to see if the results improve

  15. ItsMikeyB!

    It doesn’t seem to work…but that’s mainly because I can’t use it as often as the instructions say. I did, however, get mine at the recommendation of a friend, and he seems to think his is the next best thing since sliced bread (he HAS shown great results). I’ll try to stick with it just to shut him up

  16. Anonymous

    It took about six weeks before I started to see any real results, but once they started coming, boy did they impress. Well worth the time…and the affordable price I paid for my eGlide. One happy customer

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