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We all do it – damage our hair in the name of beauty. Women of color especially can wreak havoc on hair with chemical treatments – color and relaxers – along with weaving, flat irons, blow drying – and shampoos that are not meant for your hair type.

Shampoos on the store shelf might say “conditioning” or “for chemically treated hair”, but that doesn’t mean they understand the special needs of black hair and just how fragile it can be.

To maintain the color and the style, but replace and correct that damage,
Hair Plus is on the market for that very reason. Some shampoos on the market attempt to correct damage, but all they really do is change the hair color, reverse the look of the relaxer, and create hair that is unmanageable.

Not only does the Hair Plus system put the protein back in the hair shaft to prevent breakage that will happen without it, Hair Plus also creates an environment for your hair to grow strong, and fast.

How do we know?
The Hair Plus system has been clinically proven to prevent breakage and grow hair up to 123% faster over a 28 day period.

Once you try Hair Plus, realize the benefits without drawbacks, you will never go back.

And everyone will want to know what you did…..

Hair Plus. The solution for women of color and the special needs of black hair.

And for my ‘Sistas’ out there (I know, lame attempt at coolifying myself), I am loving this Natural Look for black trend happening right now. Check out our Pinterest board for Black Women Hair Styles and see some of the latest Natural Black hair trends. I especially love the carefree sweet look for wedding styles. So jealous…

Oh, and also be sure to check out Black Girl With Long Hair blog. Seriously awesome site with picture posts of real black women and their quest for natural hair. LOOOOVE.

Always Grateful,

Mary Greene