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  • digital-to-rca-(analog-audio)-converter-with-optical-cable

    4-in-1 Rechargeable Beauty Spa System

    4-1 Rechargeable Beauty Spa System   Rechargeable electronic beauty device has everything you need to remove callus, shaving for all-around body and facial use, epilator for long-lasting hair removal at the root for...

  • electric-foot-warmer

    Bilt-Rite Mastex Health Heated Booties

    Heated Mitts & BootiesHelps relieve the pain of arthritis and other painful conditions. • Roomy enough for hands of any size • Warmer temperature reached onhigh setting • Longer cord between mitts...

  • Calluses-foot-peeling-mask

    Calluses Peeling Mask for Feet - Get Baby Soft Feet Best Foot Peel Exfoliation Mask -Hard & Dead Skin Remover.

    Step into summer with the latest foot care trend - the single-step wearable booties turn rough feet into baby soft feet. Various kinds of ingredients including ECO-CERT organic argan oil, lavender water, apple, lemon, orange...

  • electric-callus-remover-epedi

    E-Pedi Rechargeable Callus Remover by Verseo

    E-Pedi Rechargeable Callus Remover Painlessly and quickly removes unsightly callus and dry jagged skin from feet and hands. Rechargeable cordless operation works faster and safer than metal scrapers with no blade to cut the...

    $39.95 $29.95
  • mr-prumice-callus-terminator

    Mr. Pumice Callus Terminator

    Liberally spread Callus Terminator over callus.  Let it set 3-5 minutes depending on the callus buildup.  Wipe away any excess, then use a Mr. Pumice pumi bar to gently remove the callus.  Wash off with warm...

    $11.99 $7.99
  • mr-prumice-metal-foot

    Mr. Pumice Metal Foot File

    Helps remove thick calluses Use on dry skin Safe and gentle to use Sanitizable following each use Directions: Move file in forward and backward motion, not in a sideways or circular motion.  Once callus has...

  • pedegg_bare_nails_set

    PedEgg Bare Nails

    Get naturally beautiful-looking nails with Bare Nails from PedEgg! You can achieve a gorgeous, chemical-free shine in seconds. The Bare Nails secret is a mineral-based micro-finishing technology that smooths ridges with one...

    $19.99 $18.95
  • verseo-cordless-air-pressure-leg-massager-heat-model1

    Verseo Air Pressure Leg Massager With Heat

    Air Leg with Heat   Dual Calf And Leg Massager The Dual Calf and Leg Massager uses air compression and heat technology to soothe, squeeze and rejuvenate your tired, aching calves and feet. • Includes two...

    $149.00 $129.99
  • verseo-detox-foot-patches-banner1

    Verseo Detox Foot Patches

    Verseo Detox Foot Patches Features: These all-natural, premium detox foot patches contain vegetable dextrin, menthol and other natural ingredients to promote natural detoxification and enhance your body's health...

  • felecity-dream-feet-case

    Dream Feet

    Treat your hard-working feet to a deep, all-natural conditioning!  Dream Feet drenches your feet in all-natural fruit extracts to remove calluses, even as its chamomile extracts work to moisturize and nourish your skin...

  • thermax

    Thermax Warming Cream

    Verseo Thermax Hand and Feet Warming Lotion Features: Verseo Thermax Warm Cream is a topical cream which works naturally to warm cold hands and feet by improving blood circulation problems in just 10 min. Contains the...

    $20.00 $14.99
  • vein-eraser

    Vein Eraser

    Vein Eraser Features: Vein Eraser is a gentle cosmetic cream to make spider veins and broken capillaries fade away. The powerful combination of ingredients combats against spider veins, and can even help those with...

    $25.00 $14.99
  • verseo-leg-massager

    Verseo Cordless Air Pressure Leg Massager

    Verseo Cordless Air Pressure Leg Massager Features: May help improve circulation. *  May relieve pain in legs or arms due to too much or too little movement.* Sensor regulates air pressure. Offers a choice of pre...

    $70.00 $39.95
  • dreamtime-pamperedsoles-footcozy-lavendar

    DreamTime Pampered Soles Foot Cozys

    DreamTime Pampered Soles Heated Booties Features: Use as heat therapy to warm feet and increase circulation. Use cold to reduce swelling or body temperature. Removable grain packs can be heated or cooled,...

    $45.00 $39.95