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Verseo fitness and wellness products.

  • verseo-anti-cellulite-massage-gel

    Verseo Anti-Cellulite Massage Gel

      Verseo Anti-Cellulite Massage Gel Features: Verseo Anti-Cellulite Massage Gel can be rubbed into your body by hand to help reduce appearance of cellulite. Verseo Anti-Cellulite Massage Gel has...

    $19.99 $14.95
  • freedom-cycle-pedal-set1

    Freedom Cycle

    Verseo Freedom Cycle Compact Digital Exercise Bike with Timer No need to find time to exercise or drive yourself to a gym. The Verseo Freedom Cycle is a discreet, easy-to-use exercise bike and the best part is you can use...

    $179.95 $149.95
  • sauna-sweat-pants

    Sauna Sweat Pants

    Verseo Sauna Sweat Pants Features: Focus the heat on your trouble spots. Makes you sweat in the areas you need it most. Just wrap on the pants and lay down. Adjustable temperature control and Velcro waist and legs...

  • slim-clip-smart-thigh-and-arm-exerciser

    Slim Clip Smart Thigh and Arm Exerciser

    Verseo Slim Clip Thigh Exerciser Features: Easy and fun to use. Clipping increases muscle strength, shaping key muscles in thighs and arms. Built-in digital display tracks number of compressions, elapsed training time...

    $50.00 $39.95
  • kathy-smith-kettlebells

    Kathy Smith's Kettlebells Solution

    Kathy Smith's Kettlebell Solution Kit Features: Includes one 3-lb soft kettlebell, one 5-lb soft kettlebell and Kathy Smith Nutrition Solution including workout DVD, Nutrition Solution, and Workout Wall Chart Workout is...

    $45.00 $39.95