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Spring is finally here, and I don’t know about you, my friends, but I’m looking forward to warmer weather and sunshine. Now that I’ve starting thinking about coming out from hiding (it always feels like hibernation), showing more skin is on the horizon. More outdoor activities, more lunch dates with friends, more outside, being social. But over the long winter, I was neglectful. 

I neglected my face – and I realized just how much when I looked in the mirror the other day. Yep, there are hairs where I don’t want them to be. I’m far too embarrassed to sit in a salon and have someone put stuff on my face as people walk by and watch… so home treatments are where it’s at. 

I got the eSmooth rollerball hair remover. Tweezers are painful and take way too much time… if I could see all of the hairs anyway. With this, I put the gel on my skin, power up the rollerball pen device, and I can zap away the hair easy and pain-free. If I miss a hair, I don’t have to go back to a salon and do the whole messy process with them – I can quick/easy few minutes at home. 

Also speaking of hair removal and embarrassing fuzz… Have you seen the latest spring and summer style trends? Specifically the skirts and dresses? Some I love, some I’m thinking “Please don’t high-five anyone or..”. SO SHORT! But if you can flaunt it, SO CUTE!

There are of course styles to fit all sizes. So we’ve put together some of the cutest 2014 Spring and Summer Skirt and Dresses style board on our Verseo Pinterest site to fit all tastes (and ages). 

We found a great Blog post from Fashion Inspire about the 2014 Boho Trend that is pretty cute and EVERYWHERE and another one that we hope to Heavens on High it doesn’t take off. A dress that becomes SEE-THROUGH when it detects the person wearing it is aroused. No really. It’s right here.

Check out all of Verseo’s Permanent Hair Removal products while you’re at it. Pain-free and from home at a fraction of the cost. So you have that extra cash for all these cute SHORT styles…

And now that the hair is removed, on to springtime beauty routines busted… next time my friends!