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ThermoGear® Shoe Heated Dryer

How to Use?

  1. Put shoes dryer on a flat dry surface and plug into a wall source. DO NOT USE ANY EXTENSION CORDS WHEN USING THIS PRODUCT.
  2. Push the release button to allow the bracket arms to be in the upright position. You can further extend the ends of the brackets by pulling.
  3. Put shoes or gloves on the bracket. Set the dryer time by by turning the timer knob clockwise. It has an auto-off feature that will stop the operation after the timer is finished. Extend the run time as necessary by a few minutes and check until dry.
  4. Push back the release button to push down the brackets for storage. Unplug after use.

If for any reason that you smell burning or a malfunction, Unplug from the wall immediately. Do not try to repair or fix the unit.


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General Safety Instructions:

  1. Please read the manual carefully before using.
  2. Always check the wire before use to avoid shock and fire accident.
  4. Always use on a FLAT SOLID SURFACE, never use on beds or sofa.
  5. Avoid direct sunshine and keep away from heat source to prevent the distortion.
  6. Don’t use in bathroom or in moist area or near water resources.
  7. Don’t wash dryer body to avoid shock and failure.
  8. Avoid dropping the dryer on any mishandling that may cause damage.
  9. Don’t use with upside down.
  10. Keep away from the fire causing materials such as paper or other flammable.
  11. Keep away from Children.
  12. Dryer hanger arms must be in the upright position when in use.

WARNING: Never place dripping or very wet items on the dryer. Water dripping into dryer will cause damage and shock. The dryer is meant for use on damp items.

Below are the suggested dry times at room temperature depending on the dampness. Extend run time as needed.
Shoes – 15 to 20 minutes
Boots – 15 to 20 minutes
Gloves – 10 to 15 minutes