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ThermoGear Rechargeable Heated Socks


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The ThermoGear rechargeable heated socks are the perfect blend of quality and comfort. The heated apparel utilizes innovative technology designed to warm the core body temperature. These revolutionary socks feature built-in heating panels that are made with special fabric that provides lightweight warmth, comfort and versatility. 

Garment Care:

1. Disconnect and remove power pack from the garment.

2. Spot clean only. Do not scrub while washing.

3. Lay flat to dry. Do not put in dryer, iron or dry clean.



1. It is important to maintain at least 25% of your battery power when not in use. Failure to do this will result in performance problems and reduced battery life.

2. Disconnect the battery pack from the garment when not in use because even when it is turned off, the garment will continue to slowly drain power from the battery pack.

Rechargeable Battery Care:

Our lithium-polymer battery is very similar to a typical cell phone battery, so be sure to treat the battery with care. Proper care and storage of the battery will ensure that it has a full lifespan of 500+ cycles


1. Use carefully. Do not use while sleeping or unconscious.

2. Unattended use of electric heated products on children or incapacitated persons may be dangerous.

3. Due to the nature of battery heated products, they may cause burns or discomfort. Consult physician prior to use on sensitive skin or if you may have a medical condition affecting circulation or skin sensitivity.

4. In the rare event of experiencing discomfort or any sensation of overheating while using any ThermoGear® product, immediately discontinue use and unplug power packs.

5. Only use the power packs provided with the garments.

6. Do not attempt to disassemble or alter the power packs or any part of this product.

7. Do not store below -4°F (20°C) or above 140°F (60°C).

8. Do not allow batteries or power packs to come into contact with water or other liquids. If water or other liquids enter the power packs interior, immediately unplug the product from the battery. Continued use of a potentially damaged product may result in fire or an electric shock.

9. Do not place this product near a heat source or expose batteries or power packs to direct flame or heat as it may cause an explosion.

10. Recycle batteries in accordance with local regulations.

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