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We’re at the Sweet 16 and I still haven’t done my “bracket”. Started to think there must be a March Madness for the rest of us right? Well friends, behold Verseo.com’s compilation of The Best of March Madness Pinterest Board.

From cute little party ideas, recipes, March Madness Manis, and the Cutest Guys of March Madness 2014. We just may drown in our own shallowness, I know. But you have to make this fun for the rest of us right?  Yes, we even have cutest pets loving basketball. Thank you Mom’s Favorite Stuff, PopSugar and Tidewater Parent for the ideas!

So hurry on over to Verseo’s Pinterest Board during that time when everyone else is around the water cooler discussing their devastating loss. And oh, last time we checked, if you are physically at the water cooler talking about your devastating loss, you weren’t actually playing so be honest with yourself, you had no chance…

This Madness is catchy though and we wanted to offer our own little March Mania so we’re offering our Sweet 16 Deal. Spend at least $16 dollars with Verseo.com and we’ll knock of 16%. Just use coupon code SWEET16 at checkout. Don’t worry, the little shopping cart at the end does the math for you. You have more important things like perusing Pinterest Boards…

Always Grateful,