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Does leg massage after an athletic activity have any positive effects? Sports and health experts agree that massaging the legs after rigorous physical activity helps to speed up healing, muscle growth and recovery.

Coaches and professional athletes know this. That’s why there’s usually a massage station at every major sports event to help participants recover from fatigue, get relief from leg pains so they can get back into action stronger, faster and fitter than ever.

1. Leg Massage Alleviates Post-Training Soreness

The effect of leg massage on both professional and amateur athletes has been the subject of various studies in recent years. All of these studies have shown that leg and body massage offers an almost immediate therapeutic relief for sore, tired muscles.

Athletes who received leg massage during their event have reported less muscle soreness, faster reaction time and more explosive physical performance. A side by side testing of leg massage versus other remedies, such as icing and stretching, has also been conducted. It turned out only leg massage has demonstrated any real improvement in pain relief, soreness and athletic performance.

2. Helps Boost Healing, Recovery and Performance

Strong evidence indicates that leg massage will help athletes get back to action faster as opposed to those whose routines do not incorporate regular leg or body massage. As to why leg massage is so effective in aiding recovery is not yet fully understood.

One thing is certain. All the tests involving body and leg massage have showed overwhelmingly that the human muscle responds quickly to massage. This is demonstrated by the fact that athletes who received post workout leg massage recover faster and perform better.

A closer examination of what goes on in the body before, during and after massage reveals that muscles that have been given regular massage exhibit less tendency toward tearing and inflammation.

3. Relaxing Zen-Like Experience

Getting a leg massage is a relaxing experience that helps athletes recover not only physically, but also mentally and spiritually.

A leg massage is important for relaxation. As an athlete, having a relaxed, stress-free state of mind is very important in your career.

4. Enhances Flexibility in the Lower Body

One of the main things athletes aim for is to increase their range of movement or flexibility. Massaging the calves for example, relaxes an important leg muscle, helping this major muscle become more relaxed and more flexible.

Leg massage is beneficial to lower body flexibility, which in turn helps prevent injury while boosting your athletic performance.

5. Improves Stamina and Cardiovascular Health

Your legs have a network of arteries that channel oxygenated blood to your lower extremities, down to your ankles, feet and toes. After that a network of veins carries unoxygenated blood back to the heart and lungs for oxygenation.

All this requires that your blood vessels be unobstructed and that the blood flow is unhampered. A good leg massage can greatly help with regard to this matter. The kneading action on the legs and calves encourages healthy circulation, which is particularly helpful in conveying blood back to the heart.

As a result of healthy circulation, an athlete’s stamina is improved along with their cardiovascular health.

Leg Massage Therapy Options

Leg massage techniques vary. This gives you a myriad of choices that you can leverage to suit your training method and schedule.The best option is for a professional therapist perform the massage for you. However, you may not have the time or the budget for it. This brings us to another viable option of self-massage.

Self-leg-massage is relatively easy to do and requires only time, patience and a place conducive for relaxation.

Using a Leg Massager

The use of a portable or cordless leg massager is an often overlooked option by many, simply because of unfamiliarity with its many benefits.

One such device, the Verseo Air Compression Leg Massager has built in controls that allow you to adjust or vary the intensity of the massage. Placed around the calves or legs, the Verseo leg massager stimulates various pressure points in the legs the returning blood combat the pull of gravity it makes its way back to the heart.

This leg massager is incredibly good at delivering kneading action that is very similar to deep tissue massage done by a professional masseuse. It’s simply a practical investment that can greatly help to boost your sports performance as well as your overall health.