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Have you ever wished you knew of a secret remedy to combat cellulite and get rid of them for good? Each year people all over the world spend hundreds of millions of dollars trying to get rid of their stubborn cellulite.

Still the problem remains. Why are doctors seemingly unable to treat this condition? We can only guess at the answer. But the thing is doctors aren’t telling us the truth about cellulite and what we can do about it.

1. Thin people get cellulite too

Yes, even those who are slim also get cellulite. Regardless of body type and weight, it can happen to anyone. However, cellulites are more obvious on overweight people. Also, most of the people coming for cellulite treatment are either overweight or obese. That is why doctors ignore this problem and let the patients take care of their weight problems first.

2. Men are not immune from cellulite

Both men and women can get cellulite. It’s more pronounced on women though because they have more adipose tissues in their body than men. In fact 1 out of 10 people coming for cellulite reduction treatment are males.

3. Simply losing weight won’t get rid of your cellulites

While losing weight is beneficial to your health. It is not a guarantee that your cellulites will go away as well. They may no longer be as obvious as before, but they will still be there.

In fact, in some people who lost more than 10 percent of their body weight their cellulite has gotten worse. This is something most doctors never mention to their patients.

4. Dieting alone won’t help you eliminate cellulites

While certain types or groups of food can help reduce the appearance of cellulites, the fact is relying on dieting alone won’t get rid of this problem right away.

Certain foods have the ability to boost the production of collagen. One of the roles of collagen is to strengthen the structure of your connective tissues, thus giving your skin a firmer tone. If you want to eat a healthy and balanced diet, by all means do so. It is good for your health, but it is not a miracle cure that can eliminate your cellulites instantly.

5. Massage and topical remedies are effective

While many products in the market are a little more than a gimmick, there in fact have been quite a number of topical remedies that actually help to rid people of cellulite.

Studies made by cosmetic doctors and clinicians reveal that those that truly work often contain retinol and caffeine in their formulation. These two components have been extensively shown to reduce and prevent the formation of cellulite.

What can you do to reduce or eliminate cellulite?

Eat a balanced diet.

We mentioned earlier that eating healthy is not a silver bullet for elimination cellulite. However, a healthy diet can really help in eliminating the unwanted bulges in your thighs and buttocks.

A low carb diet will help a lot here. You see carbs, coupled with high salt intake, are the culprit that cause water retention and bloating, leading to cellulite formation.

Load up on Vitamin C. This is particularly important for the repair of cells and tissue in the body, without which there would be no way for the body to mobilize its healing potential.

Incorporate strength training into your weekly routine.

Hitting the weights will make your body burn away body fat. Weight training builds a stronger, leaner, more muscular body. This translates to improved metabolism, improved muscle tone, and a better overall skin tone.

Use massage therapy.

Creams and topical ointments formulated for cellulites are best applied by massaging into the affected areas of your body. This will ensure that the caffeine and retinol ingredients will be thoroughly absorbed in the surrounding tissues, stimulating and initiating the healing process that stops cellulite formation in its track, and reducing the ones that have already formed.

Bonus tip: use an anti-cellulite massager

One of the many benefits of using a cellulite massager is that it targets the site of cellulite directly. For example the Verseo Anti-Cellulite Self-Massage Roller will give your buttocks, legs and thighs a smoother and toned look.

This cellulite massager will not only reduce cellulites, but also improve blood circulation and assist in giving you youthful, glowing toned skin.