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Winter temperatures can be very unpredictable and sometimes drop to below freezing. When the weather gets too cold you don’t want to go anywhere but just snuggle up in your room and wait for the weather to improve before venturing out. What if you have work or errands to do? How can you possibly brave it out on a cold day like this?

1. Take Something Hot

A hot soup, coffee, tea or chocolate can do wonders in bringing your body temperature up to combat the cold. A delicious bowl of hot steaming soup can really make you sweat even on the coldest of days. However, you need to wear appropriate clothing to trap the heat your body generated from eating the soup.

2. Do Some Exercises

Exercise helps pump blood throughout the entire body, supplying us with nutrients and oxygen as well as helping increase body heat. Engaging in some physical activity is one of the most effective ways to raise the body’s core temperature; it’s no wonder athletes do that all the time in cold weather. Start with a few sets of stretches, followed by basic calisthenics. That’s really all you need to increase your core temperature.

3. Bundle Up

A thick jacket or sweater will do a good job of keeping you warm. However, wearing several layers of clothing is even more effective. When you’re raised your body’s core temperature through exercise or taking a hot beverage you need to bundle up to trap the heat in. Otherwise you’ll be cold again within a few minutes.

The Verseo Thermogear Puffer Jacket is an excellent way to combat the cold. Verseo’s ThermoGear Puffer Jacket with removable hoodie is incredibly lightweight. It eliminates the need for bulky jackets and layers of clothing. The warming panels are designed to maximize efficient heat transfer and safety.

This jacket by Verseo is rechargeable so you don’t have to worry about changing batteries. The heated jacket’s soft nylon micro rip stop material repels water to keep the cold out while keeping you warm inside. This heated jacket is practical, durable, affordable and a wise investment to keep you warm and cozy when the weather gets too cold.