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Many people struggle with perpetually cold hands and feet. This dilemma is particularly pronounced during winter when temperatures can drop to below freezing. If your hands and feet are always cold that could be due to some serious health problems, in which case you should go and consult your doctor.

Generally, there are three reasons for cold hands and feet. Here in this article we will discuss each one and provide a corresponding treatment. Read on to learn more.

1. Reynaud’s Disease

Reynaud’s disease can cause your blood vessels to constrict. Other serious conditions that can cause cold hands and feet include arthritis, hypothyroidism and lupus.

In addition to being cold, Reynaud’s also causes discoloration of the extremities, giving them a purplish or bluish color indicating a lack of oxygen. If you have cold hands and feet, you can quickly alleviate the symptoms by wearing socks and gloves to keep them warm and help with blood circulation.

2. Peripheral Artery Disease

Another culprit for cold hands and feet is peripheral artery disease or PAD. This disease often inflicts people past the age of 50, particularly so if they have a family history for Type II diabetes. Exercise has been shown to help with the symptoms. Some have even improved their condition by exercise alone, but with medical supervision.

It’s important to keep your hands and feet warm all the time to encourage blood flow to these areas. However, do not attempt to massage the area as that can lead to blood clots getting dislodge and traveling the blood stream and clog blood vessels in vital organs like the heart, lungs and kidneys.

3. Body Core Temperature Drop

During colder months, it is but normal for our body’s core temperature to drop. When this happens our extremities would also feel cold. To deal with the cold, you need to bundle up. Instead of using a single layer of thick clothing, use several layers of fabric. This will help your body to retain heat better.

If your hands and feet are still cold, you can use the Verseo Thermax Warming Cream for Cold Hands and Feet. This product is intended for people prone to cold feet and hands, particularly during winter months. The cream’s warming action can alleviate the discomfort in cold weather conditions.