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Did you know that our feet can tell us a lot about our health? Simple things such as a slight itching or discoloration tell volumes about our health condition. If you know how to interpret these signs your feet are telling you, then you will be able to nip these conditions in the bud before they become serious or life-threatening.

1. Hairless Toes

If you noticed that suddenly your toes have lost the hairs growing on top of it, the problem could be a circulatory one. It is likely due to blockages in your arteries, restricting blood flow to your toes and therefore halting the growth of hair in the area.

So take heed of this warning sign. See your doctor immediately the moment you noticed hairs are not growing anymore on your toes.

2. Dry Skin Flaking Off Your Feet

If you see that your feet have developed flaky dry skin, it could mean a hormonal imbalance brought on by a hypoactive thyroid gland. When this happens your thyroid no longer produces the normal amount of hormones resulting in unregulated blood pressure, and nerve problems. When left untreated, this condition can lead to more serious hormonal complications.

3. Wounds or Cuts That Refuse to Heal

This symptom is usually associated with diabetes. When amount of glucose in the blood has increased to extreme levels, this can result in serious circulatory failure and nerve damage. This explains the wounds in the feet that don’t heal, because they aren’t getting nutrients they need for proper healing.

Another thing to watch out for is if you have chronic cold feet and feel a tingling sensation. This is another sign that the nerve damage in your feet has already begun because of diabetes. See your doctor immediately if your feet show any of the above symptoms.

Bonus Tip: Use Heated Socks to Ease Foot Discomfort

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