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Bikini season is on the horizon. Where slimming undergarments hidden under black pants and sweaters are no longer OK and where every lump and bump and winter pounds are out there for everyone to see. Even if you’re a size 6, 12, 22 – doesn’t matter – we all think we could stand to use a few inches.  Between us, ladies, I would be in that line too.  Nothing is instant and nothing works overnight. We wish everything in life was a quick fix, but that’s just not how life works. There were lots of trips to those comfort-food aisles to get me where I am today, I can’t fix it in a day. But you can gradually, effectively, lose inches and tighten up. Now is the time to start. And getting results with every use can get you to that finish line just a little faster.

You know those wraps you can pay big buck for at the spa? You know you can do that at home? Yes. Just pour yourself some cucumber water, put Enya on and get to wrapping. Our Hollywood Detox Body Wrap helps release toxins out of your body and get you that much tighter. It’s Hollywood’s little secret for getting into those red carpet dresses.

And to get you inspired for this summer, we put together our 2014 Swimwear Trends board on Pinterest. Cute crochets, stunning patterns, and back to the classics with great black one pieces. If you’ve got some favorites or a board you’ve started for your Summer vacation, please share! Comment back with your plans and inspirations and we’ll get you your own 20% coupon for the wrap.

You’re welcome. And Hello Summer. Damnit.

Always Grateful,