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  • Unisar DH900 TV Listening Systems for Seniors
    Unisar DH900 TV Listening System
    $139.00 $109.95
    Unisar DH900 2.4 GHz Under The Chin Wireless TV Listening System: Features: 2.4GHz wireless RF (radio frequency) digital technology (mono or stereo) Headset mute button turns off sound from transmitter and turns on...
  • Unisar TV Listener J3 Headset
    TV Listener J3 Rechargeable Wireless Headset
    $70.00 $49.95
    Unisar TV Listener J3 Wireless Headset Features: Lightweight, wireless headset has volume control, and works with multiple headsets at the same time. Enjoy TV shows, movies, and music without bothering others. Includes...
  • Unisar TV Listener J3 Extra Headset
    Unisar TV Listener J3 Extra Headset
    $40.00 $29.95
    To be used with TV Listener J3 (Model #TV920). Allows more than one person to use the TV Listener J3 at the same time. Each person is able to listen at a different volume. No limit to the number of headsets that can be used...
  • TV Listner J3 Extra Ear Pads
    TV Listener J3 Extra Ear Pads
    To be used with the TV Listener J3 (Model #TV920) Ear pad size 3 5/8” Simple snap-on installation Thick, soft, comfortable Model...