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Spa Appliances

Personal At-Home Spa Care

  • Bilt-Rite Mastex Health Heated Mitts

    Bilt-Rite Mastex Health Heated Mitts

    Heated Mitts & BootiesHelps relieve the pain of arthritis and other painful conditions. • Roomy enough for hands of any size• Warmer temperature reached onhigh setting• Longer cord between mitts allowsfor...

  • Bilt-Rite Mastex Health Non-Electric Moist Heat Packs
  • Verseo Hair Remover

    E-Pedi Rechargeable Callus Remover by Verseo

    E-Pedi Rechargeable Callus Remover Painlessly and quickly removes unsightly callus and dry jagged skin from feet and hands. Rechargeable cordless operation works faster and safer than metal scrapers with no blade to cut the...

    $39.95 $29.95
  • Epilady LadyBikini Trimmer

    Epilady LadyBikini Trimmer

    Epilady Lady Bikini Trimmer -         A safe and gentle bikini shaper and trimmer.  Skin-friendly and hygienic. Lady Bikini has a patented trim guide offering virtually infinite...

    $49.95 $39.95
  • epilady-speed-epilator

    Epilady Speed Epilator

    Epilady Speed Epilator -    - Compact corded epilator. - Red cap and white body - New, quiet, wide epilating head. - Perfect Angle Guide cap produces ultimate results by keeping the epilator at the optimum...

    $49.95 $39.95
  • Hydas Comfort Care 4 Piece Set

    Hydas Comfort Care 4 Piece Set

    The original body creamer 7 chambered head with 17 applicator balls on a 2 piece handle. Use this head to apply moisturizer or suntan lotion of your choice, use it on the 18 inch handle in order to reach your back or other...

    $29.95 $24.95
  • Portable Electric Hot Water Bottle - Rechargeable Heat Lasts 2 - 6 Hours

    Portable Electric Hot Water Bottle - Rechargeable Heat Lasts 2 - 6 Hours

    Plug in for 15 minutes and enjoy the pain relief from hot water up to 5 hours. This innovative solution allows the water to say hot longer: it is more convenient to use. You don't need to pour boiling water, to refill water...

  • rechargeable-hot-water-belt

    Rechargeable Hot Water Belt

    Rechargeable Hot Water Belt Plug in for 12 minutes; Warmth will last 3 to 5 hours Quickly and easily keep yourself warm Help alleviate aches & pains Adjustable velcro attachment can be worn to soothe back,...

  • Verseo Cordless Air Pressure Leg Massager With Heat

    Verseo Cordless Air Pressure Leg Massager With Heat

    Air Leg with Heat   Dual Calf And Leg Massager The Dual Calf and Leg Massager uses air compression and heat technology to soothe, squeeze and rejuvenate your tired, aching calves and feet. • Includes two...

    $149.00 $129.99
  • Verseo Poresonic Facial Cleanser

    Verseo Poresonic Facial Cleanser

    Verseo Pore Sonic Facial Cleanser helps to remove impurities and clears pores. No harsh abrasives! No Chemicals! Our Pore Sonic Facial Cleansing System is a gentle and natural way to cleanse your skin. Removes makeup better...

    $49.95 $24.95
  • verseo-ultrasonic-dermabrasion-cleaner-system-beauty-spatula-exfoliation

    Verseo Ultrasonic Dermabrasion Cleaner System Beauty Spatula Exfoliation

    Verseo Ultrasonic Facial combines 2 facial beauty treatments to help cleanse, firm and revitalize the skin, improving the skin's ability to absorb creams and serums deep into the epidermis. The cleansing treatment delicately...

    $99.99 $49.99
  • verseo-eglide-hair-removal-roller

    Verseo eGlide Hair Removal Roller

    Verseo eGlide Permanent Hair Removal Roller Features: Uses proven galvanic electrolysis hair removal technology. Has Face roller mode and Body roller modes. Safe and painless unlike professional electrolysis. No more...

    $100.00 $89.95
  • verseo-epen-electrolysis-system

    Verseo ePen Electrolysis System

    Verseo ePen Permanent Hair Removal from Home Features: Needle-free electrolysis pen removes unwanted hair permanently. Easy and comfortable to use; automatic timer/buzzer. Self-adhesive pads for multiple treatments...

    $79.95 $59.95
  • Verseo eSmooth Hair Removal Epilation Roller Pen

    Verseo eSmooth Hair Removal Epilation Roller Pen

    Verseo eSmooth Epilation LED Pen Features: Permanent hair removal in the privacy of your own home and without the expensive salon costs The E-smooth pen works by passing a direct current through the hair to the base of...

    $100.00 $89.95
  • airo-heat-vibra-belt

    Airo Heat Vibra Belt

    Verseo Airo Heat Vibra Belt Slimming Massager Features: Firm up your waist and abs, thighs, arms and other problem areas – unique oscillating massage and heat action tones muscles without gels, replacement pads or...

    $70.00 $49.95
  • Serious Skincare MicroCurrent Facial Toning System

    Serious Skincare Microcurrent Facial Toning System

    Serious Skincare MicroCurrent Facial Features Tones visible appearance of fine lines and wrinkles * Provides skin with more youthfull look * Spa-quality MicroCurrent Facial for use at home Ergonomic design for comfort...

    $175.00 $119.95
  • xtreme-relax-portable-shiatsu-massage-belt

    Xtreme Relax Portable Shiatsu Massage Belt

    Verseo Xtreme Relax Portable Shiatsu Belt Massager Features: These all-natural, premium detox foot patches contain vegetable dextrin, menthol and other natural ingredients to promote natural detoxification and enhance...

    $90.00 $49.99
  • Buckwheat Pillow

    Buckwheat Pillow

    Feel the difference: Traditional feather pillows tend to lose their shape as the night progresses. Foam and polyester pillows retain their shape, but cannot accommodate individual needs for support. Discover the benefits...

    $69.95 $49.95
  • DreamTime Warm and Cold Neck Wrap

    DreamTime Calming Crescent Shoulder Wrap

    DreamTime Aromatherapeutic Neck Wrap Features: Contoured shape cradles neck and soothes shoulders. Use as heat therapy to increase circulation and ease muscle tension. Use cold therapy to reduce swelling or body...

    $45.00 $39.95