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Hair Removal

Hair Removal and Depliatory Home Systems

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  • Epilady Esthetic Facial Epilator
    Epilady Esthetic Facial Epilator
    $49.95 $42.95
    Epilady Esthetic Facial Epilator - Specifically designed for use on fine facial hair.  - Skin-friendly and hygienic. - Very compact, quiet, easy to use and very efficient. - Small epilating head ensures precise...
  • Epilady LadyBikini Trimmer
    Epilady LadyBikini Trimmer
    $49.95 $39.95
    Epilady Lady Bikini Trimmer -         A safe and gentle bikini shaper and trimmer.  Skin-friendly and hygienic. Lady Bikini has a patented trim guide offering virtually infinite...
  • Epilady Legend
    Epilady Legend
    Epilady took customer input over the years and made our best epilator ever! Faster, smoother epilator head, improved electrical system, and improved gearing system. Wide epilating head ensures fast and smooth...
  • Epilady Speed Epilator
    Epilady Speed Epilator
    $49.95 $34.95
    Epilady Speed Epilator -    - Compact corded epilator. - Red cap and white body - New, quiet, wide epilating head. - Perfect Angle Guide cap produces ultimate results by keeping the epilator at the optimum...
  • Epilady Water Proof
    Epilady Water Proof
    one of Epilady's best models ever! Made to exacting IPX7 waterproofing standards (Submerged to 1 meter for 30 minutes), the new Epilady Waterproof is not only allowed to get wet, but can also take a dunk in the bathtub and...
  • Verseo eGlide Permanent Hair Removal Kit
    Verseo eGlide Hair Removal Roller
    $100.00 $89.95
    Verseo eGlide Permanent Hair Removal Roller Features: Uses proven galvanic electrolysis hair removal technology. Has Face roller mode and Body roller modes. Safe and painless unlike professional electrolysis. No more...
  • Verseo ePen Permanent Hair Removal System
    Verseo ePen Electroylsis System
    $79.95 $59.95
    Verseo ePen Permanent Hair Removal from Home Features: Needle-free electrolysis pen removes unwanted hair permanently. Easy and comfortable to use; automatic timer/buzzer. Self-adhesive pads for multiple treatments...
  • Verseo ePen Professional Permanent Hair Removal Kit
    Verseo ePen Professional Permanent Hair Removal
    $124.00 $89.95
    Verseo ePen Professional Permanent Hair Removal Features: Compared to regular ePen, ePen Professional includes additional leads for professional use. Easy to use. Self-adhesive body pads. Automatic buzzer/timer...
  • Verseo eSmooth epilation pen kit
    Verseo eSmooth Hair Removal Epilation Roller Pen
    $100.00 $89.95
    Verseo eSmooth Epilation LED Pen Features: Permanent hair removal in the privacy of your own home and without the expensive salon costs The E-smooth pen works by passing a direct current through the hair to the base of...
  • Conductive Replacement Gel for Verseo ePen, ePen Professional, eGlide, eSmooth Permanent Hair Removal
    Verseo Conductive Gel for ePen, ePad, eGlide and eSmooth
    $25.00 $15.95
    Verseo Conductive Gel for Electrolysis Features: Conductive Gel Refill Tube is 3 fl oz/75ml. For use with eGlide Permanent Hair Removal System, ePen, ePen Professional and the new eSmooth Conductive Gel must be used...
  • Verseo ePad Conductive Body Patches
    Conductive Large Patches
    $24.00 $19.95
    Verseo Conductive Patches Features: The extra large body pads remove hair quickly and painlessly. Includes 4 large body pads and 2 round body pads. For use with all Verseo Electrolysis Systems. Each Pad may be used 8...
  • Verseo ePen Replacement Body Patches
    Conductive Body Patches
    $25.00 $16.95
    Verseo ePen Body Replacement Pads Features: Get a fresh pack of 6 body patches:  1 banana patch for the upper lip,  3 rectangle patches, and  2 round patches. Each conductive pad should last for 8...
  • Verseo ePen Hair Removal Replacement Face Pads
    Conductive Face Patches
    $25.00 $16.95
    Verseo ePen Replacement Face Patches Features: Get a new fresh pack of 6 facial patches:  4 banana patches for the upper lip and 2 round patches.  Each conductive pad should last for 8 hair removal treatments...